"At Mercantile Dining & Provision we are very fortunate to stock and use over fifty varieties of whole and ground spices, salts, and signature blends from Savory Spice Shop. As a chef, I really appreciate the attention to sourcing the freshest, most fragrant, and flavorful spices I have ever used. The overall quality and depth of flavor in the spices has required me to revise and create balance in my recipes."

Alex Seidel, Chef/Owner
Fruition Restaurant, Fruition Farms, Fudmill, Chook Charcoal Chicken & Mercantile Dining & Provision

Mercantile Dining & Provision

"You can't keep me out of Savory Spice Shop. Mike and Janet and their team put together an amazing store that really takes you on a culinary journey, without getting on an airplane. I like the fact that their spices are always fresh, which in my business is important! At TAG we are looking for only the freshest and best we can get our hands on...mission accomplished at Savory Spice Shop!"

Troy Guard, Chef/Owner
Bubu, FNG, Guard & Grace, Hashtag, Los Chingones, Commissary, Tag Restaurant, & Tag Burger Bar 

Tag Restaurant Group

"Savory Spice is the absolute essential necessity to my craft. From the hand blended spices to the Custom Blends the cuisine tastes like the love that has been put into every herb and spice."

Ashliegh Griffin, Executive Chef
Solutions Lounge

Solutions Restaurant & Lounge

"Savory spice has won our loyalty through impeccable customer service. Our rep, Melinda, has assisted in formulating some of our various recipes, including our award-winning botanical gin. Savory's huge range of spices and blends help shape the bar's ever-changing seasonal cocktail menus."

Stephanie, Mixologist/Bar Manager
Denver Distillery

Denver Distillery

"I have been a customer of Savory Spice going on 7 years now and the team and their products have been nothing short of amazing! The spices delivered to my kitchen are always fresh and consistent! Customer service is also very helpful! Whether it's a last minute add on by my chefs, or the number of daily orders unexpectedly blows through more product than anticipated, the team is always there to take care of me. Every blend they have available is top shelf! I have even received amazing custom blends when typical brands have too much sodium/sugar content for my clients. Melinda (my go to!) is absurdly knowledgeable when it comes to food/flavor profiles! When I am playing with new recipes or just seem to be missing that "punch", she has never steered me wrong! Thank you Melinda and the entire Savory Spice squad!"

Aaron Dorland, Culinary Director
My Fit Foods

Denver Distillery